Warranty & Maintenance Plan

Warranty and Maintenance Plan

Subaru offers an extended warranty of 6 years / 150,000 km. That supports additional coverage with our level of quality and reliability. This Extended Warranty covers all parts and powertrain components of the vehicle. This warranty applies to the vehicle, ie any owner can opt for this coverage as long as the vehicle present his plan daily maintenance performed in an authorized Subaru Service.

During the first 3 years kilímetros 60,000 new vehicle warranty covering necessary to correct defects in materials or workmanship that may occur under normal conditions of use applies repairs, this warranty covers almost all the pieces and parts of vehicle, except parts or service or regular maintenance, such as filters, pens, clutch disc, brake pads, among other special conditions expressly detailed in the Warranty and Service Book that comes with every vehicle owner desgate.

During the fourth and fifth years of use or 40,000 kilometers following the extended warranty that covers the vehicle powertrain applies.

Engine: Engine Block and all interior parts – head and all internal parts, including camshafts and valves – Oil Pump and gasket – Timing belt, pulley and bearings – Water pump – Intake Manifold and Exhaust – Gaskets and seals.

Symmetrical AWD system: transmission, axles and differentials: torque converter – Electronic Control Unit Transmission – Seals and gaskets – CV joints (except bellows) – Internal Bearings – driveshaft

Subaru has a maintenance plan that starts from the first 1,000 kms of travel and thereafter every 5,000kms from all 2004 models, this allows the engine life is extended and incurring higher costs for wear .

Electrical and electronic devices with air conditioning and heating have one (1) year or 20,000 kms, whichever comes first, provided they have come to their maintenance checks.

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