Practical Tips

Save your money and stay safe.

Performing proper preventive maintenance before leaving can help to avoid delays, and even increase performance.

Oil and filter A clean filter helps provide fuel economy, smoother ride and optimal performance. Oil is the blood of the vehicle engine. It is extremely important that the engine oil and filter be changed regularly, especially before a long trip. Change the oil and filter according to the maintenance schedule of your Subaru.

Tires To extend tire life, having a wear evenly, and ensure you do not suffer a setback on the road, tires should be rotated every 12,000 km. Any uneven tire wear or damage should be replaced. Also, check and adjust the tire pressure according to the indication displayed on the inside of the driver’s door of your Subaru, to achieve fuel economy, ride comfort and maneuverability.

Coolant System (cooling) A cooling system that operates properly is fundamental to the operation of the motor. It is recommended that the cooling system hoses and connections are checked frequently for leaks, damage or loosening.

An air conditioning system failure in the air conditioning system can take a long trip, unbearable. Stay cool! Before leaving, you check your system for leaks of refrigerant, the state of the hose and its efficient operation.

Belts With the engine off, check the seat belts in your car. To check that they have the proper tension, press the belt down with your thumb. If the belt is stretched 1.5 cm, you need to be retightening.

Also … Check all lights, mirrors, instrument panel, windshield wipers and fluid levels.

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